If you are depriving your smile of routine preventive dental treatment, you are leaving yourself at risk for real oral health concerns. Even if you feel good about how your teeth look, and feel confident about their health, you could be missing out on important care. The routine dental examination and cleaning that you undergo at every visit can help you keep your smile in the best possible shape. This is important for your appearance, and for your well-being. You should also know that your dentist can help with a larger range of issues than you might realize. 

1. A Thorough Cleaning Of Your Teeth

The routine cleaning of your teeth is your defense against tartar, which you are not able to remove through brushing and flossing alone. Your hygienist can use their tools and training to remove this tough substance, while also taking care to clean areas that are harder for you to reach on your own.

2. Early Detection And Treatment For Tooth Decay

If you want to stop a cavity before it causes pain, and puts your smile in jeopardy, see your dentist regularly. At your checkup, early signs of tooth decay can be spotted, and the necessary care can be provided before you find yourself needing a root canal treatment.

3. A Chance To Have Potentially Serious Problems Identified And Treated

Your dentist is here to help with more than just cavities. For instance, your ongoing headaches could be related to problems with the alignment of your jaw joints. Your dentist can address TMJ dysfunction, which refers to issues with your jaw joints. You can also discuss treatment for sleep apnea – your dentist can offer a treatment that will not require the use of a CPAP machine, which many find uncomfortable.

Schedule Your Routine Dental Checkup At Bailey Dental Care

At Bailey Dental Care, you can look forward to excellent preventive treatment whenever you come in for a checkup. With these regular visits, we can help you keep your oral health in the best possible condition, and identify – and treat – early problems, before they grow serious. To schedule your next appointment, call Bailey Dental Care in Kansas City, MO, today at (816) 452-9700.