Cavities are a well-known oral health threat, and one that will affect many people at least once in their lifetimes. If you feel uncertain about what takes place during restorative dental work, you may have an exaggerated fear of cavity treatment. You might be worried about how severely decay might impact your tooth, or how you might look after undergoing a procedure to have it addressed. Fortunately, updates in modern care ensure that your experience can be more comfortable, and your smile can remain in good condition. In addition to addressing tooth decay, your dentist can also help you find ways to reduce your chances of suffering from this problem again.

How Is A Cavity Treated?

The exact steps to a cavity treatment will depend on how severe your cavity is. If you stop a cavity in time, you may only require a dental filling after your dentist removes infected material from your enamel. In more serious cases, a root canal may need to take place, in order to fully resolve a cavity that has affected the interior of your tooth. A larger cavity can require a dental crown, rather than a filling.

What Should I Expect From My Dental Filling Or Dental Crown?

Crowns and fillings can be discreet, thanks to the use of modern materials to construct them. Both are durable enough to last for many years without problems, so you can count on them to protect you tooth, and allow you to practice normal biting and chewing habits.

How Can I Avoid Cavities In The Future?

Improving your daily oral care will help if you struggle with preventing cavities. Brushing two times a day for at least two minutes, and flossing on a daily basis will help you fight a buildup of plaque. Accompanying this care with regular dental checkups can provide an impressive defense against decay.

Bailey Dental Care Can Provide You With Superior Cavity Treatment

At Bailey Dental Care, you can look forward to superior care when you need to have a cavity treated. If you find yourself dealing with tooth decay, schedule a consultation by calling Bailey Dental Care in Kansas City, MO, today at (816) 452-9700.