Month: March 2018

Receiving Your Dental Implants At Your Dentist’s Office

While tooth loss can seriously interfere with your appearance, and your daily dental function, dental implants can provide remarkable improvement. Using implants to support your restoration will mean having permanent prosthetic support, as well as important improvements to your biting and chewing capacities. Implants also stop jawbone resorption from taking place, so they can protect… Read more »

Returning To Routine Dental Care After A Long Absence

Unless your dentist recommends a different length of time, patients should plan to go in for routine preventive dental care on a semiannual basis. By planning a checkup at every six months, you consistently enjoy information about the condition of your smile, and an important dental cleaning. This can limit your risk for problems like… Read more »

Snoring Can Be A Sign Of Poor Health – Your Dentist Can Help

Why do some people produce a snoring sound while they sleep? This noise is the result of air pushing through partially obstructed breathing passages. People can be embarrassed to snore, but this can be a symptom of sleep apnea, which poses a threat to your general health. Sleep apnea can be caused by an extended… Read more »

Can Your Dentist Approve You For Invisalign Treatment?

Issues with the alignment and spacing of teeth can cause dissatisfaction when it comes to the quality of your smile. This can leave some people with a frustrating dilemma – put up with unattractive smile flaws, or use metal braces? Braces can do valuable corrective work, but they can intrude on your appearance, and adults… Read more »