While tooth loss can seriously interfere with your appearance, and your daily dental function, dental implants can provide remarkable improvement. Using implants to support your restoration will mean having permanent prosthetic support, as well as important improvements to your biting and chewing capacities. Implants also stop jawbone resorption from taking place, so they can protect you against a worrying oral health concern. Because the placement of dental implants requires oral surgery, many dental practices will have to recommend their patients to a specialist. Fortunately, your dentist is able to perform this procedure at their office. This will mean a more convenient prosthetic dental treatment experience, while also keeping you under the care of someone you know and trust. 

The Convenience Of Seeing A Dentist Who Can Perform Oral Surgery

While more complicated or involved procedures may need to be referred to a specialist, your dentist is able to provide oral surgery in many cases. If you are having dental implants placed, this means you can have every step of your prosthetic care provided in one location. In addition to implant placement, your dentist can help with more involved tasks like impacted wisdom teeth removal.

The Long-Term Benefits Of Restoring Your Incomplete Smile

One immediate benefit you gain from your restored smile will be a boost to your confidence. After all, you will once again be able to show off a complete smile to the world. Implant support provides more than just esthetic value; when you have this added stability for your prosthetic, it can be easier to bite and chew food. It will also protect you against jawbone resorption. Patients who have lost teeth will see their jaw lose bone mass over time, but implants mimic the ability of tooth roots to stimulate the jaw, which will stop this from occurring.

Talk To Bailey Dental Care About Dental Implants

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