Month: April 2018

What Makes A Cleaning So Important?

When was the last time you had your teeth cleaned? What may seem like a routine procedure that isn’t very important is actually vital for keeping your teeth and gums free of tooth decay and gum disease. Let’s look at what makes dental cleanings so important!

How Do Implants Address Advanced Tooth Loss?

If you lose a single tooth, then we place a single dental implant. But what if you lose several, or a majority, of your teeth? We won’t just place a single new implant for each one. Instead, we can place between six and eight per arch to provide a fixed denture, addressing advanced tooth loss… Read more »

How Do You Stop Teeth Grinding?

Bruxism, a disorder in which patients grind their teeth or clench their jaw on a regular basis, can damage smiles and lead to serious complications. But what should a patient do to stop teeth grinding? We can help, with a customized treatment option to stop bruxism and prevent further damage to your smile.

Quiz: What Happens In My Checkup Visit?

We recommend patients of all ages undergo routine checkups, and the American Dental Association agrees. But what happens during your checkup to make these visits so essential? How often should you see the dentist?