When you look in a mirror, how do you feel about your smile? For some, discoloration can be a source of embarrassment. Instead of taking steps to hide your smile, why not talk to your dentist about a professional solution? We can offer our Kansas City, MO, patients access to professional teeth whitening!

What Causes My Discoloration?

In order to keep your smile bright, you need to understand how discoloration forms. Teeth stains can occur due to the foods and drinks we consume. Sugary foods and drinks, along with poor oral hygiene, lead to plaque buildup. A bacterial byproduct, plaque makes stains more apparent. In addition, beverages with dark pigments, such as soda, tea, red wine, and coffee, can make stains more likely. Smoking or tobacco use also leads to unsightly discoloration (as well as a greater risk of developing cancer).

The Initial Exam

We will begin by carefully examining your smile. We want to identify the source of your stains and assess the severity. From there, we can recommend the most appropriate professional whitening option. Our treatments can help address both minor and severe discoloration, allowing you to once again enjoy a bright and beautiful smile. We can also schedule follow preventive visits, such as cleanings, to help your new results last much longer.

Can’t I Just Use Over-the-Counter Treatments?

While there are products available over-the-counter, such as whitening strips, special rinses, or toothpastes, they tend to have drawbacks. For one, the results are not as dramatic and don’t last as long. In addition, toothpastes that whitening can also contain abrasives that damage outer enamel, while strips can lead to tooth sensitivity and discomfort. If you want to obtain a bright smile, then talk to you dentist. We can work with you to find the best treatment options for your smile!


At Bailey Dental Care, we can choose the right cosmetic treatments to help you obtain a stunning smile you’ll want to share with the world. To learn more, schedule a consultation, call Bailey Dental Care in Kansas City, MO, today at (816) 452-9700.