Month: September 2018

Quiz: Correcting Uneven Smile With Invisalign® Aligners

Braces don’t have to be your only option for obtaining a more even smile. We provide our Kansas City, MO, patients with a clear and comfortable option for correcting misalignment. Let’s find out how Invisalign® offers nearly invisible smile correction, and what you should expect from treatment.

What Cosmetic Procedures Do We Offer?

Our team provides cosmetic dentistry to help transform smiles in Kansas City, MO, improving the shape and color of the teeth. We also have procedures to address misalignment and to even reshape the gum line. Let’s see how our cosmetic dental procedures can help improve smiles for patients.

Will My Veneers Offer Seamless Improvement?

If you want to obtain a stunning new smile in Northland, MO, then you may benefit from a cosmetic restoration. Using porcelain veneers, our team transform smiles with a single procedure. What should you expect from the placement of these thin and lifelike restorations?

Does Your Smile Need A TMJ Specialist?

If you have pain or popping sensations in your jaw, then you may need to see a TMJ specialist. Our team can help patients in Smithville, MO, find the perfect solution to their TMJ-related issues. Let’s talk about the causes and warning signs of TMJ disorder (also known as TMD)!