If you have pain or popping sensations in your jaw, then you may need to see a TMJ specialist. Our team can help patients in Smithville, MO, find the perfect solution to their TMJ-related issues. Let’s talk about the causes and warning signs of TMJ disorder (also known as TMD)!

Frequently Asked Questions About TMJ Treatment

Question: What causes TMD?

Answer: TMJ disorder impacts the temporomandibular joints, which control the actions necessary to eat and speak. Pressure on the joints, such as tooth loss, misalignment, injury, or bruxism, can eventually lead to problems opening and closing the mouth, as well as a host of uncomfortable symptoms.

Question: What symptoms of TMJ dysfunction should I be aware of?

Answer: Patients with the disorder often report popping or clicking in the jaw, as well as headaches, jaw pain, and aches in the neck and shoulders. If the patient also grinds his or her teeth, then toothaches and tooth sensitivity may develop. If one or more of these possibly symptoms applies to your life, then you should see us for a diagnosis.

Question: How do you diagnose the issue?

Answer: Using imaging technology, we will uncover the cause and extent of your bite imbalance, diagnosing the factors behind your TMD. From there, we can choose the most appropriate treatment options to help you enjoy a comfortable and functioning smile. Don’t live with headaches and an aching jaw, let us know about your symptoms today!

Question: What treatment options are available?

Answer: In many cases, a custom-made oral appliance will help correct the jaw to ease tension and reduce TMJ-related symptoms. We also may treat the issue with a custom-made dental restoration, such as a crown, or possibly orthodontics. If you have any questions about identifying TMJ disorder, or if you would like to learn more about our treatment options, then contact our team today.


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