Braces don’t have to be your only option for obtaining a more even smile. We provide our Kansas City, MO, patients with a clear and comfortable option for correcting misalignment. Let’s find out how Invisalign® offers nearly invisible smile correction, and what you should expect from treatment.

Try Our Quiz on Invisalign®

  1. True or False: The aligners reposition your smile.
  2. True or False: You can take them out before meals.
  3. True or False: You must wear them as prescribed.
  4. True or False: They will be clear and comfortable.

Answer Key

  1. True. We take detailed impressions of your smile, which we send to a special lab to create a series of aligners. A set of aligners will be worn every day for between 20 and 23 hours. About once every two weeks, you move on to the next set. Over the course of about a year, they correct the position of your teeth.
  2. True. With braces, you have to avoid hard or sticky foods that could become stuck or damage the orthodontics. But since they can be removed, you don’t have to change how you eat. Their removable nature also allows patients to brush and floss easier, improving the health of your smile.
  3. True. In order to see the results the dentist discussed in the original timeframe stated, you must wear them as prescribed. You can remove them for meals, special occasions, or when brushing and flossing, as long as you’re still wearing them for the amount of time each day your dentist prescribes.
  4. True. Made from a clear plastic material, they will be practically invisible when worn, which means they won’t impact your appearance. In addition, they will also help you avoid the gum and cheek irritation often encountered with metal orthodontics. If you have any questions about correcting misalignment or about the Invisalign® system, then contact our team today.


At Bailey Dental Care, we have a cosmetic and comfortable solution to misalignment with a series of clear plastic aligners. To learn more about our Invisalign® aligners, schedule a consultation, call Bailey Dental Care in Kansas City, MO, today at (816) 452-9700.