Month: January 2019

Correcting Your Gummy Smile

When we talk about cosmetic treatments, we don’t just mean your teeth. In addition to teeth whitening and other treatments designed to improve the color and shape of your teeth, we also have treatment focus on your gums. A gummy smile means you display too much gum tissue when you smile, which can lead to… Read more »

We Have A Cosmetic Solution To Misalignment

Just because you have crooked or crowded teeth doesn’t mean metal braces are your only choice to enjoy an even smile. We understand the concerns about the appearance of braces and are happy to offer our Smithville, MO, patients access to a comfortable and barely noticeable alternative. Let’s talk about how Invisalign® offers a cosmetic… Read more »

Porcelain Veneers Offer Smile Makeovers

Cosmetic dentistry enables our team to transform smiles in Parkville, MO, from removing teeth stains to even repairing minor damage. But what if we have a single procedure that could completely makeover your smile? With porcelain veneers, we completely alter the appearance of the teeth in as little as two visits.

Will TMJ Treatment Stop Your Headaches?

If you have persistent headaches, then the problem might be located in your smile. Jaw joint tension often causes TMJ disorder, which in turns leads to headaches and jaw pain. In today’s blog, we’re looking at the causes of this disorder and discussing when our Riverside, MO, patients should seek a TMJ specialist.

How Does A Dental Implant Replace Your Missing Teeth?

Don’t let tooth loss hurt your smile’s health and appearance. Instead, talk to your Gladstone, MO, dentist about a possible solution. We often use implant dentistry to help our patients enjoy optimal oral health (and whole, beautiful smiles). Find out more in today’s blog!