Month: February 2019

When To Consider Bridges And Dentures

We always strive to help our patients in Parkville, MO, enjoy optimal oral health, which means addressing the issues impacting their smiles. For those with missing teeth, we may suggest replacement in the form of bridges and dentures. Addressing tooth loss helps prevent serious complications and improve overall quality of life.

We Place Dental Crowns In Just One Visit

Our teeth may become damaged, or develop serious problems, such as decay or infection. In order to stop discomfort and restore the health of smiles in Riverside, MO, we may suggest a dental crown. Instead of requiring two to three visits to complete, we use E4D technology to create and place them in one visit…. Read more »

Will A Root Canal Stop My Painful Infection?

A serious injury to the tooth or an untreated cavity could lead to an infection. When a tooth becomes infected, serious pain develops and with it, the risk of losing the tooth entirely. To preserve your tooth and stop the discomfort, we may prescribe a root canal. What should our Gladstone, MO, patients know about… Read more »

10 Common Dental Emergencies and First Aid

There’s nothing worse than realizing something is wrong in your mouth. This is partly because it’s really difficult to examine it for yourself. As a layperson, it’s often difficult to know whether the problem is a dental emergency or something you can take care of yourself. Often, you can help alleviate your symptoms with some… Read more »

Fillings: A Single Visit Solution To Tooth Decay

When we develop a cavity, treatment is crucial for avoiding the onset of infections and other complications. In order to treat the problem and restore the tooth to full function and health, we may recommend a lifelike restoration. How does a dental filling offer Liberty, MO, patients a single visit solution to tooth decay?