Our last blog covered bridges and dentures. Today, we’re going to continue our look at dental prosthetics with a blog focused on implant dentistry. Dental implants provide strong and natural looking replacement options for those with minor and severe tooth loss. How do we restore smiles in Smithville, MO, with implant dentistry?

Don’t Ignore Your Lost Teeth

The gaps in your smile could lead to trouble. Alignment could change, as surrounding teeth drift from position due to the gap in your smile, causing a higher risk of tooth decay and gum disease. You may also develop issues eating or speaking clearly. Once the body stops supplying the jaw around the lost tooth with key doses of nutrients, the bone tissue could deteriorate. Over time, this could mean further tooth loss and eventually, an aged appearance. In order to prevent misalignment, ensure better eating and proper speaking, and to stimulate the growth of jawbone tissue, we may suggest a dental implant.

The Dental Implant

We begin with the placement. Via oral surgery, we will insert the dental implants into the jawbone. Over time, they will bond with the jawbone. Being made from biocompatible titanium, they will act as strong and durable new tooth roots. After the placement area heals, usually between three and four months, we proceed with the restoration. We add an abutment to it and attach a custom-made dental crown, which provides the visible part of your smile. Your new tooth then looks completely natural while also providing decades of quality tooth replacement.

Multiple Missing Teeth

In addition to offering a solution to the loss of a single tooth, we can also address multiple missing teeth. We place between six and eight dental implants in each arch, or as little as four for some patients, and then attach a denture. We can also secure a bridge. These prosthetics will look natural, be held firmly in place, and last much longer than traditional bridges or dentures. For some, we can also offer same-day dental implants, adding a temporary restoration or prosthetic during the placement visit. Later, we will replace them with the permanent restorations. You then leave with a whole and lifelike smile. If you have any questions about missing teeth, or about our tooth replacement options, then contact our team today. We’re ready to tackle your tooth loss and return your smile to full function, health, and beauty with custom-made and lifelike solutions!


At Bailey Dental Care, our team wants to provide patients with a natural looking and dependable tooth loss solution. To learn more about our lifelike prosthetics, then please schedule a consultation, call Bailey Dental Care in Smithville, MO, today at (816) 452-9700.