We offer our patients in Gladstone, MO, a variety of lifelike fillings and crowns, which help address multiple issues with your smile’s health and appearance. But when does a tooth need a restoration? What happens if a decayed or damaged tooth doesn’t receive treatment in a timely manner? We’re going to look at the benefits of our restorations in today’s blog.

The Dangers of Damaged (or Decay and Infected) Teeth

When you chip a tooth, or develop a dental fracture, then the inner tooth structure could be exposed to harmful bacteria. Over time, this could mean the onset of cavities, and without treatment, an infected or abscessed tooth. Likewise, if you have a cavity and don’t seek treatment, the tooth could become infected. By placing a restoration, we repair the damaged or decayed teeth, which halts the onset of infections and prevents the unnecessary loss of a tooth.

Same Day Crowns

If a tooth becomes broken or fractured, then we may place a crown. The crown covers the visible portion of the tooth. Using E4D technology, we design and create a natural looking crown, one made using lifelike ceramic. We shade the tooth to ensure it blends with the rest of your smile. Crowns also help complete the root canal procedure, restoring the once infected tooth. We also repair worn down teeth, naturally misshapen teeth, and aid in tooth replacement, anchoring a dental bridge in place or restoring a single tooth dental implant. In one visit, we can transform your smile.


In most cases, we repair a cavity using a dental filling. Instead of a metal filling, we offer one created using composite resin. The filling is placed in one visit and repairs the decayed tooth, prevent the tissue from growing worse. If you have an aching tooth and the dentist finds a cavity, then a composite resin filling may be the right choice for you.

Root Canal Therapy

We mentioned that lack of treatment for damage or decay could mean the onset of an infection. Treating a dental infection quickly is crucial for keeping your smile healthy. A severe infection may require a tooth to be removed to prevent the spread of infection. However, we often prevent the need for an extraction by offering root canal therapy, which removes the infected tissue and preserves the tooth. If you have any questions or concerns about improving oral health, then contact our team today. We have custom restorations to help improve overall oral health.


At Bailey Dental Care, we help return smiles to optimal health, function, and beauty with custom restorations. To learn more about our restorative treatment options, then please schedule a consultation, call Bailey Dental Care in Gladstone, MO, today at (816) 452-9700.