Month: April 2019

Prevent Infection With A Natural Looking Filling

As part of our approach to restorative dentistry, we offer lifelike dental fillings. Not only do they stop the progression of tooth decay, but they also help you avoid the onset of a painful dental infection. How do we place these natural looking restorations, and when should you see your Kansas City, MO, dentist for… Read more »

How Do You Restore A Smile’s Health?

You can restore your smile’s health by repairing any cavity or a dental infection. If your teeth become worn down or damaged, then call our office 816-452-9700 about restorative dentistry. Using custom dental restorations made from strong and lifelike materials, we can help improve the health, function, and yes, even the appearance of your smile.

How Do I Brighten My Teeth?

We all enjoy bright smiles, however, our daily habits and other factors often lead to brown or yellow discoloration to form on our teeth. Fortunately, we offer different options to brighten smiles for our Smithville, MO, patients. How do we brighten teeth, and what actions can we take to keep our smiles bright and avoid… Read more »

A Clear Solution To Misalignment With Invisalign®

Correcting misalignment means improving your overall health and boosting your smile’s beauty in the process. While at one time metal braces were the only option available, we offer patients in Parkville, MO, treatment for uneven teeth with Invisalign®. No more metal braces, just a series of clear and comfortable aligners made from a BPA-free plastic… Read more »

Tooth-Colored Solutions For Tooth Decay

When you have a cavity, you need treatment as soon as possible. Otherwise, a minor issue could lead to serious discomfort and eventually, a chance of losing the tooth altogether. We have treatment options that look natural and help preserve your tooth’s health and appearance. How do we treat cavities in Riverside, MO, with our… Read more »