Losing teeth doesn’t have to be a devastating thing for your smile. With modern, custom-designed restorations made to mimic healthy, natural teeth, you can completely rebuild your smile’s function and appearance, almost as though you never lost a tooth. At our Smithville, MO, dental office, our goal is to help you enjoy the most beneficial and lifelike tooth replacement option, which often means one that’s supported by dental implants. In addition to their lifelike appearance, dental implant-supported restorations also mimic the supportive anchors of your healthy, natural teeth roots.

A brief look at the importance of lost teeth

With such a dramatic effect on the appearance of your smile, tooth loss can seem devastating at first. It doesn’t just affect your smile, but your overall facial appearance and self-confidence, as well. However, you lose more than that when you lose a tooth, and you may not notice your smile’s reaction to it until years afterward. For example, when you lose a tooth root, which is embedded in your jawbone, your jawbone loses a vital source of stimulation. This results in gradual atrophy of the bone, causing it to lose mass, density, and strength.

Understanding the goals of dental implants

The only way to reestablish the stimulation in your jawbone is to replace your lost teeth roots when restoring your smile. The only way to accomplish this is with the help of dental implants, which are biocompatible posts that are designed to be placed within your jawbone. The goal of dental implants is to give your custom-made tooth replacement option (i.e., a dental bridge or denture) the same level of stability as your healthy, natural teeth. In addition to the enhanced comfort that this provides, it also means restoring the stimulation in your jawbone every time you bite and chew.

The benefits you can enjoy with implants

The ability to restore the vital functions of your lost teeth roots constitute some of the most important benefits of dental implants. For example, with implant posts in place of your lost teeth roots, your jawbone will be much less likely to lose mass and density over time. This also reduces your risks of losing more teeth in the future as your jawbone grows continuously weaker. Because implants mimic the natural construction of your healthy teeth, they also eliminate the need for things like abutment teeth, clasps, and adhesives that traditional replacement teeth rely on.

Find out if you qualify for dental implants

If your smile is missing one or more teeth, then learn why dental implants are likely the best option for replacing them and rebuilding your smile. To learn more, or to schedule a consultation, call Bailey Dental Care in Smithville, MO, today at (816) 452-9700.