If you have multiple missing teeth, then you may need dentures from your Liberty, MO, dentist to enjoy a full and functional smile. But will these prosthetics look natural? We always take steps to ensure your new teeth look lifelike and reflect your facial structure. Find out how we design and create a custom-made prosthetic in today’s blog.

Creating Custom Dentures

How do we create them? First, we need to assess the cause and severity of your tooth loss, which helps us decide which form of denture you will need. We then take detailed impressions and measurements of your smile. We use the information we gather to design the prosthetics and then create them. Each one will consist of a base crafted from acrylic and designed to mimic the appearance of gum tissue. We then create the teeth from ceramic and other materials that look natural and have the ability to absorb serious bite forces and pressure. We want to make sure they blend with your smile and also reflect your unique facial structure.

Partial vs. Full

A full replaces every tooth on one or both arches, and suction holds them in place. We may also suggest using a special adhesive for added security. However, a partial is meant for those with several missing teeth, but not enough to require a full prosthetic. The denture addresses gaps spread out across the smile, and a metal clasp holds them firmly in place. Both are removable and we will provide instructions for cleaning and soaking. With proper care and attention, they can last about 5 to 10 years before requiring replacement.

Securing Dentures with Implant Dentistry

While effective, removable dentures have the potential to slip during meals or speech. In order to provide an option that never slips, and may last much longer, decades or even a lifetime, we may secure them with implant dentistry. We insert several dental implants into the jawbone. They bond with the bone tissue like natural tooth roots, which prevents the loss of jawbone density, a problem that often accompanies tooth loss. Stimulating the growth of jawbone tissue could prevent an aged appearance and ensure the prosthetic can last for several decades, potentially even a lifetime. If you have any questions about protecting oral health and finding the best solution for advanced tooth loss, then contact our team today.

Looking for a Solution for Your Missing Teeth?

For patients with multiple missing teeth, we may have a lifelike and durable solution to help return smiles to full function, health, and beauty. To learn more about addressing tooth loss and creating a custom-made dental prosthetic, or to schedule a consultation, call Bailey Dental Care in Liberty, MO, today at (816) 452-9700.