Certain dental problems (such as a toothache, cracked tooth, jaw pain, and more) require fast relief. If these mouth emergencies happen, patients near the North Kansas City, Mo area are encouraged to phone our office, in the Northland for help and guidance. We will respond to each question regarding the your dental emergency and go over short-term relief and long-term treatments.

Unless you have sustained an injury to your face or have a broken jaw, it is best to avoid going to a

Kansas city emergency dentist

Emergency Dentist _Tooth pain and strong toothache.

hospital emergency room for a dental problem. Emergency rooms are staffed by physicians who are not trained or equipped to handle common dental problems such as toothaches, broken crowns, loose bridges, or fractured teeth.

If calling during normal office hours, we ask that you visit Bailey Dental Care – North Kansas City, for treatment, although for concerns that happen after the office closes, Patients can also make an appointment, right here, on line or on our facebook page.