Dentures are not a one-size-fits-all solution. They should be custom-made for each person, creating a dependable tooth replacement option to return smiles to better health, function, and appearance. If you have missing teeth, receiving a custom denture could offer a host of benefits. Find out why you should see your Parkville, MO, dentist about a prosthetic!

Types of Dentures

There are two main options for addressing severe tooth loss. A partial is great for those with several missing teeth, even if the gaps are spread out across your smile. The prosthetic will contain a base made from acrylic that looks like gum tissue, as well as lifelike replacement teeth. Metal clasps will anchor the new teeth in place. If you’re lost all or a majority of your teeth, you may need a complete denture, which replaces every tooth on one or both arches. The prosthetic will also contain an acrylic base and lifelike teeth. Both options can absorb bite forces and withstand every day pressures, providing a secure and natural-looking option for replacing missing teeth.

Creating Your Prosthetic

Whether you’re receiving a full or partial, we will need to gather detailed impressions of your smile. We use the impressions, images, and measurements to begin designing the prosthetic. We want to ensure a comfortable, accurate fit and that they blend with your unique facial structure. We then craft them, creating the base from acrylic and the teeth from materials such as ceramic, which are strong, durable, and can be shaded to match the color of your natural teeth. When in place, they should feel comfortable and restore your ability to enjoy your favorite foods and smile with confidence.

Benefits of Replacing Missing Teeth

If you lose all of your teeth, your overall health could suffer as now you are limited to only consuming soft foods, depriving yourself of nutrients and vitamins. You may also have trouble speaking clearly, which impacts your social life and overall quality of life. Even partial tooth loss could mean the increased risk of misalignment developing, and with it a higher risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Minor tooth loss also upsets bite balance and strains the jaw joints, meaning you could soon experience the uncomfortable symptoms of TMJ disorder and bruxism (chronic teeth grinding). By addressing your tooth loss, we return balance, health, and beauty to your smile. If you have lost a single tooth or several, please know that we can help. Contact our team with any questions or concerns you may have.

Have You Lost a Tooth (or More)?

If you have serious gaps in your smile, then you may need a custom-made dental prosthetic. To learn more about our dentures, or to schedule a consultation, call Bailey Dental Care in Parkville, MO, today at (816) 452-9700.