Month: December 2019

Creating Your Crown In Just One Visit

Did you know that your Parkville, MO, dentist can often repair and restore a tooth in just one visit? In fact, with CAD/CAM technology our team can help repair a tooth in just one sitting with a custom dental crown. In today’s blog, our team would like to discuss how we improve your smile without… Read more »

Can Dental Implants Support My Dental Bridge?

  A dental bridge is a great choice to replace between one and three missing teeth. While typically held in place with crowns placed on abutment teeth, your Parkville, MO, dentist may be able to instead address tooth loss with implant dentistry. Learn more about how we replace your lost teeth and restore the health… Read more »

Don’t Ignore Pain When Eating

Do you ever notice pain when you bite down or eat? If so, this could mean more than just a cavity, you could have an infected or abscessed tooth. Ignoring the pain could eventually lead to missing teeth and the spread of infection. Fortunately, your Riverside, MO, is ready to help you enjoy optimal oral… Read more »

When Does Your Tooth Need A Filling?

Have you noticed sensitivity in one or more of your teeth lately? While a chill in the air could cause sensitivity, persistent pain may point to the presence of a cavity. Your Gladstone, MO, dentist can actually treat a cavity in as little as one visit with our metal-free dental fillings. Learn more about how… Read more »