Have you noticed sensitivity in one or more of your teeth lately? While a chill in the air could cause sensitivity, persistent pain may point to the presence of a cavity. Your Gladstone, MO, dentist can actually treat a cavity in as little as one visit with our metal-free dental fillings. Learn more about how we treat cavities and ensure your smile looks great afterward in today’s blog!

The Warning Signs of a Cavity

A cavity occurs when bacteria reaches the inner dentin, the sensitive structure that makes up most of your tooth. The outer enamel typically prevents this contact, but should poor oral hygiene weaken enamel, or injury damage it, then bacteria can gain access. Over time, the cavity will grow worse and threaten a dental infection. Patients often report tooth sensitivity and toothaches. Never ignore pain in your smile, let us know so we can find out if you need treatment and help you avoid the onset of infected or abscessed teeth.

Artistic Dental Fillings

A dental filling doesn’t have to be made from unsightly metal materials. Instead, we can offer an artistic approach with a metal-free composite resin material. A blend of plastic and glass compounds, composite resin can be shaded to match the color of your teeth and blend seamlessly with your smile. After we remove the decay, we will clean your tooth and then prepare and place the material in several layers. As the dentist sculpts the tooth, we will cure the composite resin with a special light. Finally, we polish the tooth for a more lifelike appearance. The entire process takes one sitting and helps protect your tooth from worsening pain and oral health complications.

Safeguarding Your Smile

To avoid cavities, be sure you limit the consumption of sugary foods and drinks. Try to consume healthier foods and snacks, and drink plenty of water. Make time to brush your teeth for two minutes when you wake up and again before bed. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles and a toothpaste that contains fluoride. You also need to floss every night before going to bed. In addition, be sure to see us every six months for a checkup and cleaning, so we can watch for the early signs of a cavity and also remove plaque buildup, a process that limits the risk of tooth decay. If you have any questions then please contact our team today.

Do Your Teeth Hurt?

Remember that pain in your smile could mean the presence of a serious issue that requires treatment to prevent infections or loss of natural teeth. To learn more about our restorative treatments, then schedule a consultation by calling Bailey Dental Care in Gladstone, MO, today at (816) 452-9700.