For optimal results in every procedure we offer, we utilize an array of advanced dental technology, from digital imaging equipment to on-site CAD/CAM technology that allows us to create lifelike porcelain restorations all in one day.

Digital X-Rays

X-rays are an essential part of your regular diagnostic care, and even when your teeth are healthy, you should keep your records updated with up-to-date images. At our office, we utilize digital X-rays that create your images in a fraction of the time, and with up to 90% less radiation than traditional radiography.


E4D is a system that utilizes computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology to create highly lifelike porcelain dental crowns in just one visit. The imaging technology takes precise digital measurements of your teeth and dental ridges, then sends the measurements to an on-site milling machine that crafts your restoration in just a couple of hours.


While Invisalign® is designed to keep your orthodontic treatment discreet, planning with the digital iTero imaging machine helps ensure that your treatment is successful. With the help of iTero, Dr. Bailey can show you the movement path through which your aligners will guide your teeth, as well as show you an accurate projection of how your smile will look afterward.

Laser Dentistry

In many oral surgery procedures, lasers have taken over traditionally scalpel-based treatments. Laser technology provides significantly more precise and comfortable results, and in much less time. At our office, we utilize a specially calibrated laser for both soft and hard tissue treatments, such as gum contouring and root canal therapy.

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