Are You Going Back To School?

Back to school time is here! Kids aren’t the only ones getting ready to go back. College students and educators alike are about to start the fall semester, which means finding time to see the dentist will be a bit difficult. We recommend patients in Liberty, MO, schedule a back to school appointment now, so we can help make sure you start the semester with a healthier smile.


Is Teeth Whitening Right For Me?

When you look in a mirror, how do you feel about your smile? For some, discoloration can be a source of embarrassment. Instead of taking steps to hide your smile, why not talk to your dentist about a professional solution? We can offer our Kansas City, MO, patients access to professional teeth whitening!


Providing More Convenient Care With Same-Day Crowns

When you visit your Kansas City, MO dentist’s office for restorative dental work, you can have understandable concerns about what to expect from the treatment you receive. How will your smile look after you have work done? How much care does your tooth really need? How long will it take to complete your procedure? Modern technology has provided the means to produce attractive, durable dental crowns in the span of just one appointment. This means you can have long-term support for a tooth that looks great, and you can have that support in less time than you might anticipate! In the past, patients who needed a dental crown would be dependent on a less reliable temporary crown while their permanent crown was being constructed.  (more…)

When Should I See A TMJ Specialist?

What happens when your temporomandibular joints, which control your ability to open and close your mouth, undergo excessive strain? Often, patients can develop TMJ disorder, also known as TMD. They can then begin to experience pain and difficulty opening and closing their mouths. Fortunately, a TMJ specialist can help patients in Kansas City, MO that suffer from TMD.