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Jaw Pain May Mean You Need A TMJ Specialist

Do you frequently experience pain in your jaw, such as popping or clicking? Do you have headaches that occur regularly? If so, then this may be related to your oral health. Seeing your Smithville, MO, TMJ specialist can help you enjoy a healthier smile, and fewer uncomfortable symptoms. In today’s blog, we’re looking at the… Read more »

Do You Need A TMJ Specialist?

TMJ disorder, also known as TMD, can lead to serious discomfort and cause problems for your smile’s health. In order to treat the issue, you may need a TMJ specialist. Fortunately, we can offer treatment options to address jaw joint dysfunction and improve your smile’s health.

Pain In Your Face, Neck, Or Head? It May Be TMJ Dysfunction

When pain frequently intrudes on your days, your quality of life can start to suffer. Recurring discomforts concentrated in your face, neck, and head can be caused when you have a problem with your jaw joints. Why would jaw problems lead to these other concerns? Your jaw is controlled by your trigeminal nerve, which is… Read more »