Restoring Your Tooth With A Same-Day Crown

What should you expect from your dentist when you need to address a problem, like a cavity, that threatens the health of your tooth? During any restorative dental treatment, decayed or otherwise unhealthy material will be removed, and you will receive support for the tooth in the form of a dental filling, or crown. Thanks to the presence of modern resources at your dentist’s office, you can actually receive a dental crown in just one visit! Having a single-visit crown means receiving important protection for your tooth in a timely manner, and avoiding an awkward waiting period before your tooth is fully restored.  (more…)

Answering Your Questions About Cavity Treatment

Cavities are a well-known oral health threat, and one that will affect many people at least once in their lifetimes. If you feel uncertain about what takes place during restorative dental work, you may have an exaggerated fear of cavity treatment. You might be worried about how severely decay might impact your tooth, or how you might look after undergoing a procedure to have it addressed. Fortunately, updates in modern care ensure that your experience can be more comfortable, and your smile can remain in good condition. In addition to addressing tooth decay, your dentist can also help you find ways to reduce your chances of suffering from this problem again. (more…)

Enjoy Impressive Smile Changes Through Cosmetic Dental Work

While your dentist is someone you can count on to address oral health problems, these are not the only concerns worth bringing to their attention. Many patients look forward to the amazing results that can come from a cosmetic dental treatment. Cosmetic work is solely interested in your appearance. With the right procedure, you can address a variety of different problems that might be interfering with how you look. Discoloration, damage, poor alignment, and other flaws can be corrected through the right approach. You can also be surprised by how quickly these changes can be made – it may be possible to see big improvements after just one appointment! (more…)

3 Important Services Provided At Every Routine Checkup

If you are depriving your smile of routine preventive dental treatment, you are leaving yourself at risk for real oral health concerns. Even if you feel good about how your teeth look, and feel confident about their health, you could be missing out on important care. The routine dental examination and cleaning that you undergo at every visit can help you keep your smile in the best possible shape. This is important for your appearance, and for your well-being. You should also know that your dentist can help with a larger range of issues than you might realize.  (more…)