Specialized Oral Surgery and Care

The point of keeping up with general dental care is to help you avoid progressive issues that could develop and threaten your oral health. Through preventive checkups and cleanings, you can avoid serious tooth decay and gum disease, thereby protecting your healthy teeth and oral tissues. In some cases, however, more specialized care is required, such as oral surgery. For instance, if you have an impacted wisdom tooth, then it may need to be extracted through surgery. If you’ve lost one or more teeth and need dental implants, then the implant posts will be surgically placed in your jawbone.

Providing the Highest Quality of Care

With advanced training and years of experience, Dr. Bailey can perform some oral surgery procedures in our office to help you save time, and complete treatment without having to visit multiple offices. For instance, he can perform most dental implant surgeries in our office, as well as secure your lifelike restoration to the implants after your jawbone has healed. However, if your condition is particularly complicated, or if you have other medical and/or health considerations, then Dr. Bailey can refer you to a highly trusted surgeon or other oral health specialist for optimal results.

Learn More by Scheduling a Visit

In cases where oral surgery and specialized care are necessary, Dr. Bailey may be able to perform your procedure in-office, or work closely with a trusted, local specialist to ensure the highest quality of care. To learn more, schedule a consultation, call Bailey Dental Care in Kansas City, MO, today at (816) 452-9700. Located in the Northland, our dental office also proudly serves patients who live in Liberty, Gladstone, Riverside, Parkville, Smithville, and all surrounding communities.